Hebridean Seawater

The coastal waters surrounding the Outer Hebrides are recognised as being amongst the most pristine in the world, and to reflect this, they have been given the highest quality classification available by SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency). The sea is rich in vital Minerals. It contains 83 elements of the periodic table. ishga uses Hebridean seawater in the skincare range. The seawater used is collected from the surf as the waves break on one of the many beautiful island beaches.

People have always been mindful of water, as it is at the heart of all living matter. Historically, on the Hebridean Islands of Scotland, great importance was attached to locations which held water. In particular, certain natural springs were noted for different healing and therapeutic properties. These locations always emanated a sense of beauty but people were also aware that they were special spiritual places, endowed with magical virtues which could bring health from the heart of the earth.

The ishga skincare range use water from one such historical Hebridean healing spring in the manufacture of all the products in the skincare range. The spring used is situated in a beautiful remote location among the hills and lochs on the Hebridean Isle of Lewis. This particular spring is a lively spring with a bottom of blue clay and according to local folklore it was used down through the ages for its healing and therapeutic properties.